KillerStartups – Where YOu Can Mix It Up with Ludacris

WeMix.comWeMix is a new music social network which is in part, run by rapper Ludacris. The site’s main hook is celebrity-fan collaborations through way of mashups.

WeMix aims to be a hub where new, unsigned musicians and artists can show off their chops and team up to make great music. Upon sign up, members create their own page and upload their songs, beats, vocals, hooks, etc. They can collaborate with others on the site via the Mashpit; the tools are basic, but users are able to add effects on top of mp3s on site and they can grab bits of videos and images and mash them up into a music video. The original material of course remains unchanged, and all artists retain the rights to their creations. The top voted songs will get a chance to mix things up with Ludacris himself. In Their Own Words

“WeMix is a new media company founded in 2007 as a joint venture between Disturbing Tha Peace Entertainment and MegaMobile TV.

How did WeMix get started? Matt Apfel, a reality TV producer, creative executive, and founder of MegaMobile TV, had an idea for a show about mashups between fans and rock stars. He sat down with Ludacris and DTP CEO Chaka Zulu and discovered that they wanted to do something similar.

Blessed with a group of forward-thinking angel investors, we’ve built WeMix to be a better way for the world to share and create original music. Together.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

WeMix differentiates itself from the rest of the music crowd by its focus on collaboration. Artists are encouraged to mix things up, to critique each other and to create new music. Plus, there’s the ultimate end goal of getting to work with Ludacris. With some work, the site could be a viable launching ground for new artists.

Some Questions About

The collaboration tools just aren’t up to par. Musicians can’t make any decent music without professional equipment, which the site doesn’t offer. WeMix also fails to aid artist’s license and profit from their music and their collaborations. Besides, there’s an overwhelming focus on hip hop which may deter some users.

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