WeLoveAstrid.com – Stay Organized Using Your Android

WeLoveAstrid.comAstrid is an Android app that will let you get your tasks and activities in order. It will let you input your every task, and it will not just remind you that something has to be done, but also notify you about the time that remains for you to do it.

You can also set down the level of priority that go with each task. That was only to be expected, but if there is something that we all have learned by now is not to take anything for granted. Priority is denoted by the use of exclamation signs, and these go from one sign to four. Four obviously denote the biggest transcendence.

Tasks will necessarily fall in three categories: daily, weekly and monthly. When you add a task, however, you are not required to enter either the priority or the deadline right there and then – you can do that afterwards. This translates into the possibility of adding tasks truly on the go, without having to input every single detail about them. You can take care of that when you have the time. All that matters is that you won’t forget about what has to be done.

WeLoveAstrid.com In Their Own Words

“Android’s Simple Task Recording Dashboad.”

Why WeLoveAstrid.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a versatile enough tool to accommodate the needs of most users – even the most demanding ones will be satisfied.

Some Questions About WeLoveAstrid.com

Is there an exact equivalent to this for iPhone users? WeLoveAstrid.com