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WellnessTweets.comAs you can tell be glancing at the title of this review, Wellness Tweets is a repository of tweets that have to do with wellness and healthcare on the whole. These can be browsed in a plurality of ways – categories include the commonest health conditions and the most popular wellness specialties.

The first list touches upon items like “Stress”, “Weight loss”, “Cancer” and “Smoking”, whereas the second includes “Yoga”, “Massage & Bodywork”, “Home Remedies” and “Natural Health” among many others.

Furthermore, the tweets that are brought together on this site include these that are connected with jobs in the healthcare industry itself, whereas a “Profile Search” is also featured. This will let you do more than just read about different medical conditions – it will let you get in touch with those who are knowledgeable enough so as to provide you with a satisfactory answer.

When all is said and done, the site is good for what it is, and that is no negative judgement at all. Wellness is a never ending concern for Americans of all ages, and anything that can give us information and guidance at the same time is intrinsically valuable. In Their Own Words

“WellnessTweets monitors the millions of new tweets each month to find the best health and wellness information and resources. When we identify a relevant health and wellness tweet, we add it to WellnessTweets under the appropriate health condition and wellness specialty categories, making it easy for consumers to filter out the noise and quickly find the most relevant health and wellness tweets for their specific interests.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

No matter how old or young you are, healthcare-related considerations are never far from your mind. A site such as this one sheds some much needed light on the topic.

Some Questions About

Can you subscribe to tweets regarding any specific condition if that is what you want to do?

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