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With so much information at our fingertips online, it’s frustrating that it’s still so difficult to figure out how to take care of ourselves. People are keen on taking their wellbeing into their own hands, but information is scattered everywhere. It’s difficult to know which sources are trustworthy. Bogus articles and snake oil salesmen abound.


Wellness Nova looks to shed some much needed light onto the path toward pursuing health online. The website aspires to be the go-to resource for healthy living.


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OK, so the web shouldn’t be chided too severely for the confusion. Since health has so many facets, it’s easy to understand how the subject splits into many categories – nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and remedies, to name just a few. Wellness Nova does what we’re told is impossible: it puts Humpty Dumpty back together again by collecting articles ranging across topics related to health.


In their own words: “…we bring you the latest and greatest in natural therapies and remedies, food and drink news, and DIY tips for living your best life with a low-impact on the planet.”


Without a manifesto, Wellness Nova shrewdly acknowledges that merely avoiding processed food does not a healthy person make. It seeks out insights into all aspects of living – what we consume, how we inhabit our world, how we treat our bodies and mind.   Helping others to achieve “good health, the natural way,” entails making it easy for people to find what they need to live better.


Maybe you’re eager to grow food in your own garden? You want to join the fight for GMO labeling, begin yoga classes, choose homeopathic remedies over what the pharmaceutical companies deem healing? You’ll find all the answers you’re looking for on Wellness Nova.


And just in case you’re expecting boring literature, or a resource that’s a little too wholesome to be palatable, think again. Wellness Nova has a lightness and playfulness that’s refreshing. For example, while you can read about how low Vitamin D levels have been linked to cancer risk, you can also discover how “getting drunk can cure your sore throat.”


Doesn’t that make complete health seem so much more within the realm of possibility?


Whether you’re looking to buy the best supplements or to learn what should go in and what should go out of your diet, stay squarely on the path to healthy living at Wellness Nova.


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