WelcomeSigned.com – Singling Good Businesses Out

WelcomeSigned.comWe can define WelcomeSign as a guide for consumers that takes a different approach in order to let users know whether or not they will enjoy shopping at a specific retailer or service provider. Basically, what the site does is to fully take into consideration aspects like the background, lifestyle and personal traits of each individual, and generate a list of suggestions that are based on how welcoming a venture or the other has been towards people which are in a specific age range, people who have a concrete religion… The list is a long one, as it is only fit for the basic premise of the site to be effective.

Attributes like sex and race are also weighed up, of course.

The approach is quite spot-on, and the execution is equally satisfactory – the user doesn’t even have to exert himself in order to come across the relevant results, just by keying in some basic data like his location and the type of business in question he will come across the relevant results.

Besides, the site has a “Most welcoming” and “Biggest warning” set of categories that will let anybody figure out who is who in a matter of seconds, and make up his mind like that if he doesn’t want to launch a search.

WelcomeSigned.com In Their Own Words

“WelcomeSign is an online guide that connects individuals with those businesses that are welcoming to people like themselves based on the background, lifestyle and personal traits of each individual. WelcomeSign also helps warn individuals about those businesses that, historically, have been less than welcoming to people like themselves. WelcomeSign is the informative and interactive way to discover and discuss and influence which businesses are supported by the community–and which are not.”

Why WelcomeSigned.com It Might Be A Killer

It is an interesting take on a subject which sorely needs new ideas.

Some Questions About WelcomeSigned.com

How is the impartiality of the featured reviews guaranteed? WelcomeSigned.com