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WeightLossWars.comAre you tired of kids laughing at you every time you leave your home? Is the extra weight starting to put a strain on your back? Are you having a hard time getting into your car? If the answer to any of those questions was yes, then you should try out the weight loss program offered by


Within the site, you’ll find a combination of social networking and diet planning that will make it easy for you to shed the extra pounds off of your body. You’ll be able to challenge people to weight loss competitions, adding a new motivational element that’s missing from traditional weight lost programs. For instance, you’ll be able to challenge your chubby friends to a weight loss competition. The first one to lose 10 pounds could be considered the winner, but in the end, everyone wins. On the whole, if your doughnut consumption habits have got you looking like a Manatee, give a try. In Their Own Words

“WeightLossWars is a fun and motivational website where you can be a success!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Obesity is a problem. This will motivate people to loose weight, and look better for the summer.

Some Questions About

Will this be effective? Couldn’t this turn fat people into anorexics just to win the competitions?

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