Wefutr.com – For People Who Love Making Predictions

Wefutr.comWefutr is an aggregator of Twitter-based predictions. The basic aim of the site is to let people predict whatever they like using the popular micro-blogging platform, and have these predictions featured on its main page.

The mere aggregation of that content in such a setting ensures nothing will get lost in the avalanche of tweets which are sent out every single day. Not only that, the context in which predictions are placed makes for easy discussion among users of the website.

These are some of the predictions that were included when I gave the site a try: “Facebook moves into eharmony’s world by launching dating site” and “My prediction of Windows Phone 7: it will be a huge flop, just like the Kin”. I also noticed that the featured predictions had no real geographical barriers – they mapped out the whole world. In that sense, the aim of the site (encouraging forward thinking among all sectors) has a bigger chance of being realized, and the role it can eventually play when it comes to building critical minds is defined in terms that are much clearer.

Wefutr.com In Their Own Words

“Wefutr is a place for people who like making predictions. We recognize that foresight and appreciation for future trends doesn’t have to come from research think-tanks or career futurists; the web contains a much wider community of savvy people who can piece together the future by drawing cognitive links from the mass of information they consume every day.”

Why Wefutr.com It Might Be A Killer

Up until this point, predictions on Twitter have been completely decentralized. This makes everything gain both context and accountability.

Some Questions About Wefutr.com

In which ways could the interaction among site users be taken one step beyond? Wefutr.com