Weev May Have Done The Impossible: Gotten Rid Of Trolls

Today’s Killer Startup: Weev




Elevator Pitch:

Weev is a social video app that lets users pose a question on camera and then field video responses from the community.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Two words: no trolls. For real though guys. This is an online community that is virtually free of trolls and negativity. Thought that was impossible? Take a closer look at Weev.


Weev is a social video messaging app that has managed to create a positive, supportive community by doing something that doesn’t seem radical but actually kind of is: putting people’s faces front and center. While Facebook arguably does that with their profile pics, Weev users come on and respond directly to a question, thread, or “show” via video. That means they’re basically having a conversation with each other. One of the major reasons trolls and online bullies can spew the hate that they do is because it’s easy to forget that there’s a person on the other side and Weev makes it pretty much impossible to do that.


Weev users also average 20 minutes on the app and checkin on an average of three times per day, impressive engagement numbers that speak to the appeal of a network that’s all about positivity.


The app was started by True Blood star Stephen Moyer and tech entrepreneur Andrew Sachs in July of last year. Since that time, they’ve racked up over 10,000 active users, including one couple that plans on getting married at the first Weev conference later this month. They’ve also launched an interactive morning show, staring LA comedians Karli Kaiser and Brian Rodriguez, that not only lets users ask questions or say hi while they’re broadcasting but also has a daily segment called “Time to Admire” that highlights a member of the Weev community.


A social network that’s brimming with positivity? A brand new kind of show? A wedding? It sounds like Weev is definitely onto something here…



Have you been dreaming of a fun, positive, troll-free social network? Your dreams have come true, with @WeevItNow


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