Wee-Web.com – Where Families Connect

Wee-Web.comThere are more than a handful of resources on the web that focus networking on specific issues. That is the case with this new online endeavor, which can be described as a network whereby parents can share information about their babies, toddlers and kids only with those they want.

As it is the case with social site, users are able to share a wide-ranging collection of contents (photographs and videos pre-eminently among them) and connect instantly with acquaintances and other family members.

Registration to Wee Web comes at no cost, and it only entails choosing a user name and a password. You must also provide a valid e-mail address to which a confirmation message will be sent.

Once you have created your family’s Wee Web you can start adding immediate family members and close acquaintances and friends, and start sharing all about the little ones easily.

You can read more about this new initiative by directing your browser to Wee-web.com, and browsing through the “About Us” page and the existing blog.

Wee-Web.com In Their Own Words

“Wee Web is a private, fun way for parents to share updates about their kids — through pictures, videos and stories — with close family & friends. It’s quick, easy, saves parents time, and involves everyone as much as they want.”

Why Wee-Web.com It Might Be A Killer

Parents always appreciate the chance to share information about their children in a safe and controlled web environment.

Some Questions About Wee-Web.com

How does it better related web-based endeavors? Wee-Web.com