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WeDebate.itAs its name implies, this site is nothing but a platform for holding online debates. The idea is that just anything can be discussed through the site (as long as it is not immoral or it is promoting illegal behavior, of course). Some of the debates that were active when I checked the site out myself included one arguing that the Blackberry had no real future as a mobile phone, and another in which it was propounded that gadgets have actually enslaved human beings. In all cases, the dynamics of the site are the same, with people being able to give the provided viewpoints either a vote of agreement or dismissal, and then proceed to add their own two cents to the ongoing discussion.

And a really nice touch is that the site is actually usable without needing to sign up for an account first. Anybody can post his own opinion on the site and respond to what others have posted right away. It that doesn’t make for instant debate, then I am afraid nothing will. In Their Own Words was created in the spring of 2010 by local Pittsburgh entrepreneur John R. Cushma. This website was created to provide its users with a place to actively debate and discuss any topic or subject that they wish.

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who love speaking their minds could never fail to like a site letting them do it as directly as this one.

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Which kind of debates have proven to be more popular so far?