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Weddingbetting.comWeddingBetting is an amusing, albeit slightly twisted site that lets you vote on whether you think certain couples will get divorced and how long it will take to happen. Photos and descriptions of couples can be uploaded by anyone where they can be voted upon by other users.


You can choose on a sliding scale which goes from “barely past the altar” to “happily ever after”. After you’ve voted, check out the overall statistics for the couple which include the percentage who thinks they will get divorced and the average number of years they are expected to last. While it might seem a bit cruel, this site is a great way to spend a few hilarious minutes looking at photos of couples, reading their bios and then seeing how long people think they will last. In Their Own Words

“Wedding Betting: How long will this couple last?”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site already has a good number of users judging by the fact that votes for certain couples are in the thousands. This could very well become a very popular site where people can go for a bit of a laugh.

Some Questions About

Surprisingly, the site is advertising free. In order to monetize, perhaps they should consider inserting third party wedding links.

Author : Caroline Bright

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