Webwait.com – Benchmark Your Website

Webwait.comEver wanted to time how long you site takes up to load, or test your Internet connection? Now you can do that thanks to this smooth little tool. In general terms, WebWait is a website timer that supports all major browsers on the market today.

In order to use it, you key in or cut and paste the URL in question and hit the “Time It!” button. The site claims that timing itself is quite accurate if only because WebWait pulls down the entire website into your browser and takes into account aspects like Ajax and Javascript processing, aspects that are easy to overlook but which are actually pivotal.

It is also possible to add a WebWait button to your toolbar by following the provided link. This will enable you to time any web page you come across when you are browsing the web.

Webwait.com In Their Own Words

“WebWait is a website timer. Use WebWait to benchmark your website or test the speed of your web connection.”

Why Webwait.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a nice tool that has a fair share of practical uses.

Some Questions About Webwait.com

What features are planned for future updates? Webwait.com