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Webtumble.comThis is a tool that lets webmasters do all the market research they should do before buying any new domain. Essentially, on Webtumble they can search for websites using keywords, and then view all the statistics that go with these sites produced by such a search.

For example, any webmaster that covers the latest political news can very easily see how his competitors are doing by looking up some key concepts (such as Obama or Trump), and then studying the provided statistical data. He will get to see how their sites rank, how many visits they get on a daily basis, where these visits are coming from? and if their sites do not fare that favorably when compared to these, then they can easily start working on a strategy to set things to right

Of course, this service is provided at no cost. If you are a webmaster, simply input the tags that define what you do (or the areas you want to move into) in the box that is provided to these effects. In Their Own Words

Full information about any website.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for doing research on these sites that look interesting in a really quick and practical way.

Some Questions About

How is this data arrived at, exactly? Where is it culled from?

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