WebTalks.es – Voice Your RSS Feeds

WebTalks.esWebTalks is a new Android app that can take you favourite RSS feeds and have them read out loud to you. This works both online and offline, and in the latter case what WebTalks can read is content that the user has preloaded.

An application such as this one will be more than handy for people who are running, jogging or doing anything that keeps them from hand-gesturing as usual. They will be able to have their favorite magazines read out to them, and be abreast of the latest news in their fields of interest.

And it goes without saying that visually-impaired people are going to find an application such as this one more than worthwhile. And that is all the more true when we bear in mind that WebTalks can handle virtually every language – integration with Google Translate means the application will determine the language the content to be voiced is in, and have it rendered as it should.

This talkie RSS reader can be bought on the Android Market.

WebTalks.es In Their Own Words

Listen to your favorite websites on your mobiles.

Why WebTalks.es It Might Be A Killer

Visually-impaired people will find it a great aid in their quest to remain informed.

Some Questions About WebTalks.es

Are other mobiles going to be supported? If yes, when? WebTalks.es