Webslug.info – Compare Website Speeds

Webslug.infoWebslug is an easy-to-use web-based tool that allows you to compare the speed of your website against any other. As a matter of fact, the site can be used to compare the speeds of any two sites on the World Wide Web.

Simply enter the URLs of the sites you’d like to compare into the two boxes provided, and Webslug will load up the two pages for you side-by-side in two embedded windows on the page. Once the pages are finished loading, the time that each site took to load, along with the difference between the two will be displayed. This is a great little tool for website owners to use to check how their site is performing and also a way for anyone to check and see if they are having problems with their ISP or whether only a certain site is running slowly.

Webslug.info In Their Own Words

“Webslug is just a way of identifying potential problems with your website’s performance. How to improve it is an exercise we’ll leave to you. With that being said a general rule is that about 80% of improvements can be made on the front end.”

Why Webslug.info It Might Be A Killer

This is a handy little application that allows you to do your testing without any annoying windows popping up or without being taken to an external site. This is one more tool in the arsenal of any website owner.

Some Questions About Webslug.info

How will they monetize this idea? Will they incorporate a premium offering allowing you to get more extensive testing results? Webslug.info