WebResizer.com – Photo Retouch

WebResizer.comAs camera phones and digital cameras are very affordable items these days, it’s easy to take dozens upon dozens of photos without paying much attention to composition, lighting and settings. What you end up with is a bunch of rather mediocre photos.

WebResizer, however, can make your photos look a whole lot better with minimal effort on your part. The app will not only resize your pics, scaling them to fit your needs, it will also, sharpen, rotate, and add effects. You can turn those garish color photos into classic black and white snapshots. You can add borders. You can adjust color saturation and brightness. All of this you can do without having to register. Simply upload your photos and off you go. It’s that easy.

WebResizer.com In Their Own Words

“The Web Photo Resizer is a free service provided by SiteSpace Australia.
Originally written as a free tool for our clients to use when updating their websites, after lots of positive feedback, we decided to make it freely available to everyone on the Internet. It’s our way of saying thanks for all the wonderful tools the Internet provides. We hope you enjoy using it!”

Why WebResizer.com It Might Be A Killer

The beauty of WebResizer is its simplicity. It’s an utter breeze to user. Your photos will look better. They’ll be easier to send and add to your social networks. It’s completely free too.

Some Questions About WebResizer.com

Online photo editing apps are a dime a dozen. There are many that offer more features. How will WebResizer compete? WebResizer.com