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A YouTube video here, a tweet there, an article here, a book for sale there… for all the information that is available online, there hasn’t been a tool that has helped us collect and share content expediently. If you’ve had the time and enjoy playing detective, you’ve no doubt been entertained endlessly. The majority of us have been longing for a better way to access knowledge.


Having recognized the curiosity-to-knowledge gap back in 2011, Founder Bill Haig teamed with entrepreneur Vlad Khomutov after serving in the US Army to realize his vision for WebReel – a marketplace for knowledge on the web.


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WebReel gives anyone a place to showcase and sell knowledge, which they can do by creating WebReels, collections of links, photos, locations, video, and book reviews, etc. organized around a topic.


If you’re simply passionate about a subject, WebReel gives you a place to share that passion. It’s free to join the platform and create a simple profile. From there, you can follow others who share your interest, store the resources you gather, rate the collections of others, and freely share collective knowledge.


With a Pro account, the platform makes it easy for members of the community to monetize their WebReels. Individuals control pricing, can accept credit cards and receive payment directly to their bank accounts, and they can add materials via simple drag-and-drop. So without technical skill or significant effort, anyone can turn WebReel into a personal storefront.


Not only is WeReel a convenient means to capitalize on knowledge, but a great way to unify online presence. If you’re active on social media, for example, but have relied on customers leaving your pages to make purchases elsewhere, WebReel allows you to sell directly to the same folk while also giving your audience a fuller picture of all you know and share. Content creators on WebReel can share a single URL linking to their social media, with e-commerce built in.


Say you’re a professor who’s devoted your life to a topic. WebReel allows you to engage a passionate audience in your area of expertise; to save other researchers considerable time by giving them a credible source of high-quality, organized content; and to make money for your curated knowledge.


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