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Webotify.comLetting you share Spotify tracks sans Spotify is the basic premise of this nifty little tool. That is, using it even those who don’t have a Spotify account are able to play the tunes which are found there, as the songs are instantly findable and played back just by supplying the relevant URL on the provided input box.

From a technical standpoint, this is accomplished by employing not only Spotify but also YouTube. And this translates into a distinctive advantage: as well as listening to the songs you are interested in, you will be capable of watching their respective accompanying videos.

People are always coming up with new ways of accessing media on the web, and this new tool just makes it all too clear. From a functional point of view, I think it would be great if some kind of bookmarklet were provided so that you don’t have to go to the site every single time you intend to launch a search. Just a thought that wouldn’t go away. Everything else works fine, and files are found quickly enough. In Their Own Words

“Welcome! Webotify is about sharing Spotify tracks over the internet – making them playable for everyone. No matter if they have a Spotify account or not. The system uses Youtube and the Spotify service to find great matches for the tracks you want! Give it a try just enter a spotify track URL

As an added benefit you also get music videos! We are not connected with Spotify nor Youtube – but we hope to bring you a service that would make each site proud!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Finding and playing any song you want is easy through such a system.

Some Questions About

Can you add captions to the videos if that is what you want?

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