You Don’t Want To Star In The Film ‘Website Down’ – Keep Your Network Flying With Webmon

How can I make the website better? Draw more visitors? Keep customers from leaving pages? Improve onsite search and, and, and… These are the questions that keep web owners busy around the clock.


And when the lights go out? Oops. No one likes thinking too much about a site going down. Yet, it happens (sometimes for great reasons, like a massive spike in traffic). The questions then begin to sound more like: How did this happen? Has proper help been alerted?


One way to constructively avoid having to think too long about such unpleasant scenarios is to have software in place that keeps on the lookout for problems and automatically summons the cavalry when things go awry.


Webmon is a web monitoring and escalation service that does so and more.



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Webmon website monitoring provides checks on your network, no matter how many websites you must maintain, at the frequency of your choosing. A vigilant eye on websites, REST APIs, DNS and mail servers ensures that any problem is spotted quickly and that the web owner is the first to know.


An optimal 4 stations spread around the world, working with an advanced algorithm, avoid identifying false positives (surprisingly common), which prevents stirring unnecessary panic and wasting time. So, when Webmon detects a service interruption, there’s good reason to investigate the trigger.


Since Webmon supports HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, FTP, ICMP, and TCP, it’s easier for responders to locate issues. The ability to compare HTTP response codes, append additional headers, authenticate, POST, PUT, GET, DELETE, and more gives them the ability to both resolve problems quickly and to make adjustments that will defuse any future problems.


By comparing response times and taking advantage of graphic displays, web owners gain a better understanding of their sites’ overall performance. A simple and customizable dashboard offers a clear view of whether or not websites are achieving target measurements, while status pages – convenient for sharing – make it easy to keep customers informed.






Webmon streamlines and automates processes so that teams can take swift action when service is down. Alerts notify appropriate personnel depending on the stage of a crisis reached. SMS support ensures that team members can communicate efficiently.


Creating custom rules associated with monitoring load times, connect times, and other variables gives management the flexibility to monitor their network as desired and the assurance that alerts will go out according to established settings.


Bottom line – Webmon gives web owners peace of mind in knowing that their sites are under robust surveillance, that they’ll know immediately when service is down, and that escalation policy is firmly in place to respond effectively to any problems.


No sense in seeing all the effort that goes into building a business come undone by a slow response to a down website. Visit for more details about plans and to eliminate worries by knowing your websites are monitored.


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