Weblivz.com – Organize Your RSS Feeds

Weblivz.comGranted, RSS is very practical for keeping in touch with what is up on the World Wide Web. The only problem is that sometimes when you open up your RSS reader you are greeted with a deluge of notices that might not be that interesting to you.

Enter Weblivz, a web service that takes RSS feeds culled from all over the Internet and organizes these manually, not only by topic but also by location. According to the team behind this solution, the basic aim was to write intelligent queries that would help users categorize the feeds in a manner that means that just by visiting the Weblivz site they will keep abreast of the latest web developments that are relevant to them.

The website also allows users to create their own custom queries, with all the inherent advantages this will entail to the ones that have the knowledge to do so.

A service like this not only means you could read RSS feeds like you can do right now with any of the existing readers on the market – it means that these feeds will be pre-filtered and pre-organized, effectively saving time and ensuring a more enjoyable online experience.

Weblivz.com In Their Own Words

“Weblivz.com takes RSS and Atom ‘river of feeds’ from around the Internet and we manually organize those feeds by topic and location.”

Why Weblivz.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a viable and useful alternative to conventional RSS readers.

Some Questions About Weblivz.com

Is it free? Is guidance on configuring your own custom queries provided? Weblivz.com