Webinaria – Create Presentations And Demos

WebinariaWith Webinaria.con, you can record your desktop screen movements, you can also add some voice narration and Webcam videos, and upload all of them to the web in Flash format for free.

For instance, you want to do a presentation of how a certain software works, but your clients are abroad. So maybe your best option will be a video presentation. Thought they were hard to do? Forget about that: using your microphone and your webcam, quickly start recording your desktop presentation, demo or screencast. Modify the capture area from your active window to a customized area, adjust your hardware or recording quality, and edit the audio and webcam properties frame by frame. Convert from a video file (AVI, for example) to a Flash Video (FLV) using the latest compression technology, and upload everything to their Flash player. With Webinaria, you can also host your stuff there (yep…also for free).

Webinaria In Their Own Words

Why Webinaria?
Next to an in-person meeting, there is no better way to communicate a sales demo or business presentation than with video. From marketing or sales presentations to training videos for software applications, Webinaria can help bring your content to life. Businesses that are able to capture and record live interactions with web-based content are able to more effectively train and educate employees and customers. Webinaria aims to provide a more animated and theatrical presentation of business communications.

Why Webinaria It Might Be A Killer

It is a very cool web app tool for everyone that wants to create a Flash clip and doesn’t know exactly how to do it. Plus, it will be a great tool for every sales guy in different businesses to show what their product is all about.

Some Questions About Webinaria

Will people go for it, or will they get some Flash expert to do it for them? Where is the profit? How many people really do need this? Webinaria