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Webepags.comIf you’d like to build your own webpage but don’t know how to program in HTML or you don’t want to use templates, Webepags can build you your own unique page in seconds. Simply click on the “register and build a webepag” button and fill out the details that you are prompted for, like what you’d like the title to be and what text should be included.


The webepags developer team having recently added database functionality to the equation, providing even more options to those potentially interested in a more robust page. Webepags also makes it simple to embed HTML code from sites like Flickr so you can spruce up your page and make it more original as you go. In Their Own Words

“So, you want to build a web page. But, you don’t know html and you don’t want to use templates either. Webepags allows you to build a custom web page.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those that don’t understand basic HTML will love the fact that they can have an original looking page built for them without the use of generic templates.

Some Questions About

Is this service being offered entirely for free and if so why? It does appear to be free and if that’s the case, how will they monetize the service.

Author : Caroline Bright

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