Control All Of The Things And Save Money With Webee [Pick Of The Crowd]

We already knew the Internet of Things was big, but Google’s recent acquisition of Nest for $3.2 billion pretty much seals the deal. The fantastical future where all of our devices are linked together and can be controlled remotely is approaching rapidly and I don’t doubt that not having a “smart home” will soon be met with the same disbelief as not having a smartphone.


For those of you looking to get a jump on the whole smart home thing, I’d like to suggest you check out this week’s Pick of the Crowd, a smart home learning system called Webee.



The Webee control system is a small box they’ve named “Boss,” which is adorable if you’re into artificial intelligence and terrifying if you’re not. Once you’ve plugged the boss in, installed the Webee app, and connected it your devices, Webee starts learning from your actions.


Do you always have coffee at half past eight? Webee will make sure it’s ready for you. Are you prone to leaving the lights on in the bathroom? Webee will remind you when you forget to flip the switch.


It can also lower your environmental impact (as well as energy costs) by doing things like automatically lowering your thermostat when you leave the house and raising it back up again when you get home. If you have sprinklers, Webee can turn them off if it looks like rain or you can set a “rule” dictating exactly how often they should run.




For those of you who’ve already hopped on the smart devices bandwagon:

Don’t fret. Webee was designed to work with other smart devices; your new Boss can plug right into whatever you already have configured. Now instead of just controlling your objects remotely, the Webee helps them learn from you, resulting in smoother and smoother integration into your daily life.


And for those of you who haven’t yet:

Don’t worry either! Webee makes devices they call “Bees” that turn any normal object into a smart object. That means you don’t have to drop the cash for a Nest and you can rest assured that your vintage lamps don’t have to be sacrificed in the name of progress.


webee bees


What are the benefits of donating now?

Like I said, the Internet of Things isn’t going anywhere and I know that you all in the startup world like to be on top of these things as soon as they start. If you donate $10, you’ll get a 5% discount on Webee products but for those of you who actually want a Webee, you’ll have to drop $99 bucks.


That kind of donation will get you a “Boss” smart home hub and free service to it for as long as you want to keep it running. Perks run as high as $4,999, which gives you five Boss hubs and 20 Bees.


(That’s obviously for those of you with multiple summer homes. And maybe a ski chalet.)


Point being, it doesn’t cost much to get a jump start on what might feel like a trend to some now but is, in fact, a lifestyle change that’s here to stay.


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