KillerStartups – Webdeveloper resources & forum

Webdeveloper.comPresenting articles, news, tutorials, tools, resources and software downloads for web developers, is the ultimate reference and resources library for webmasters, mainly pros.

The idea behind the site is to gather authoritative texts, written by people who really know about development and present them to the specific audience that craves such pro savvy. In the site you will find thorough reviews of products and software, practical tips (‘How to make money from blogging’ is one of the examples), plus several forums where you can discuss and get help from other users on the most obscure and simple topics alike. The site also includes free downloadable resources, like graphics, HTML codes, and other pieces on random webdeveloping like Security, Site Management, Video or XML/RSS. Other than this, at you will find a list of IT and webdeveloping job openings, so it can help you out redefine or consolidate your career in the business.

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