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Webdesigner News Gives Designers A Chance To Read All The News They’re Usually Busy Creating

They are at the forefront and backend of all that we love about the web, constantly making news – that’s web designers and developers, of course. Happily for them, high demand leaves them short on time to read about all the amazing things going on in their fields.


To give these Internet stars a hand, Webdesigner News collects all the greatest stories relevant to web designers and developers in one place.


Culled from blog posts, news channels and social media, Webdesigner News tries to curate the most essential stories of the day. These stories appear as a Reddit-style list (minus the up and down voting for the moment). Along with the story title, each entry includes a link to full articles, the number of social shares, mention of how long ago it was published, and comments.


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Content ranges from news stories to fresh apps and tools, case studies, code demos, inspirational posts, how-to instructions to videos — and more. If the content is significant to the web designing and developing community, it will turn up on Webdesigner News.


Readers have the option of subscribing to a daily newsletter that presents favorite stories. Site visitors can browse stories according to the latest, popular, or favorites; looking through the entire archive; or browsing by stories within the last 24 hours, week, or month.


For the pros that want to read up on a particular topic, there’s a handy search that allows them to do so. Guests are also welcome to submit stories they’d like on the site for the approval of moderators at Webdesigner News.


Staying up on the latest in design is hardly the same as remaining a leading expert on, say, Sanskrit. New products arrive by the minute. The industry is one of the most dynamic in existence. Keeping current with technology is both important for professionals to do their job and simply fascinating reading.


Like doctors and teachers, web designers and developers also need to learn continuously to remain qualified in the field. Webdesigner News spares them the trouble of having to scour the web for the best reading. Another benefit of the site is that it showcases content from widespread sources. This variety makes for fresh reading and a healthy range of perspectives.


So, if you’re fed up with browsing through hundreds of posts on your RSS feed, hoping to spot a relevant article, save yourself the hassle and check out Webdesigner News at


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Author : Roger Hollings

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