KillerStartups – An Infinite Canvas for the World

WebCanvas.comWebCanvas unites the world with painting. Basically, what we have is a drawing tool that’s been extended to the public at large—anyone can paint, draw, and upload pictures.

It’s internet graffiti if you will—one giant blank canvas for the globe. You can scribble and scrabble to your heart’s content—the canvas is infinite. You can also move around the canvas to stake unclaimed territory or you can simply ‘enhance’ someone else’s contribution. If someone happens to be painting in your area, you’ll be able to see the drawing instantaneously. To get to a specific part of the canvas, enter in coordinates, e.g. 2N3W. It’s pretty interesting stuff, be sure to check it out yourself. In Their Own Words

“WebCanvas is a world-wide collaborative painting project. In this site anyone with a modern web-browser can move around an ‘infinite’ canvas. Using available painting tools is its also possible to draw and upload images. Furthermore it is possible to view other users painting if they happen to be painting within the same viewing area.

This site is the evolution from our proof-of-concept, GraffyWall – This was the first WebSite to allow users to draw directly onto a boundless WebCanvas simply by using a web-browser. This introduced a new Web concept where users can instantaneously and directly create WebSites using the intuitive drawing paradigm just like pen and paper!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is one neat drawing tool. It’s interesting to see how elaborate and complex the canvas can be.

Some Questions About

Is there any way to get information about who’s drawing what, where drawers are coming from, how often new drawings are added? Can you save your drawing so no on can draw over it? Will they integrate this with a social network, eg Facebook?

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