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Webbr.comSocial networks keep gathering pace. Webbr is a new addition to this ever-broadening family, and in this specific case it will enable you to connect visually with the people around you.

This approach actually falls in the “Web 3.0” category that has begun to be mentioned on the web – a more visual experience that will take advantage of the latest technological advances.

In this particular case, you will be able not just to see the different connections between people and make new friends along the way, but also chat with them by using the provided webbr chat and webbs.

A “Preview Webbr” link is also provided, and you can resort to it in order to learn about this visual social service in a fitting fashion. A link for installing Flash Player is also provided so that you won’t lose time scouring the web for it.

Lastly, a blog is likewise part of the premises, and it is a good place for informing yourself about new developments and the most recent updates that are planned concerning this new initiative.

Webbr.com In Their Own Words

“Webbr visually connects you with everyone around you.”

Why Webbr.com It Might Be A Killer

It offers a novel take on social networking.

Some Questions About Webbr.com

How often will this service be updated? Webbr.com