WebbChange.com – Find What Is Valuable And What Is Not

WebbChange.comUntil now, there has not been a definitive framework for expressing how much we value anything online. Is a blog post the millennium when 1,000 people have retweeted it? Or is it the bee’s knees when it has received 1,000 diggs? That is something that this new initiative (which just opened to the public) wants to change.

It goes by the name of WebbChange, and it stands as a virtual currency that site users can employ in order to put an exact value on these sites, blogs and videos that they come across online and that they really take a liking to. People who sign up receive a free number of WebbChange coins that they can give to the web content they deem as precious to them. And in the event the user changes his mind at a later point, he can always withdraw the money and give it to any other site that captures his imagination like the previous one had done.

The main tenet of the system is that of democracy. Since everybody has the same amount of coins to begin with, every site has the same chance as the rest to become the recipient of people’s inversions.

Besides, a second currency named Daily Coins is given to uses every 24 hours to give to their daily finds.

The site has also been arranged very thoughtfully in the sense that smart searches can be carried easily. These can take into accounts very specific information like any user’s work, religion, education and sexuality. That is, you can look for the best social networking site for atheist people who have a Ph. D if that is what you want. In that way, the rating system that is employed becomes instantly measurable.

WebbChange.com In Their Own Words

“The place to find and share what’s valuable on the web.”

Why WebbChange.com It Might Be A Killer

Rating the Web becomes something entirely different using such a system, and the many ways in which results can be approached and weighed simply makes everything more realized in the end.

Some Questions About WebbChange.com

What would it take for something like this to standardize itself? WebbChange.com