Webappsale.com – Marketplace to Buy/Sell Web Products

Webappsale.comWebAppSale is an online classified ad board for all things web — domain names, web sites, web applications and widgets. The site was likely spurred by the outrageous sums of money paid for the purchase of YouTube, Myspace or Vodka.

com. This site aims to build the marketplace to buy and sell smaller versions of the big boys, which is a smart idea. As long as people use it. The design and layout was functional, if not lazy and boring, and there were only 3 items listed on the site. I believe they could attract a lot more buyers and sellers to the site if they revamped the homepage and added color, text and ideas. It’s ironic that the people who are creating a marketplace for goods didn’t seem to think about how to market the marketplace.

Webappsale.com In Their Own Words

“Webappsale is an online marketplace for buying and selling websites, domains, widgets, and web applications.”

Why Webappsale.com It Might Be A Killer

Soon we will enter the world of Web 3.0 and there will likely be lots of Web 2.0 products and domains for sale. This site could be the central marketplace location, if they spruce up the site and make it more professional and appealing.

Some Questions About Webappsale.com

Who would want to buy or sell a product on this site right now? It looks like a bad used car lot. There is nothing professional about it, and it even seems like it might be part of a con job. The idea is good, but the implementation and output thus far is lousy. Clean up and professionalize the site, boys. Or wait to be left behind in the dust as other sites take over this task. Webappsale.com