Web.tickle.com – Put Life To The Test

Web.tickle.comYou should definitely pay this website a visit if you are bored in the office, or just have your laptop in front of you and have nothing else to do. Tickle is one of the leading interpersonal media companies in the world, providing self-discovery, and social networking services to more than 17 million active members of its worldwide community.

Tickle was founded on the belief that personal insight and connections with others could be both scientific and fun. Just by completing a simple registration process, you will be able to access some of the most original quizzes you can come across on the Internet.

On the whole, these let you analyze your mind, your body, your lifestyle and anything that could be relevant to how you see yourself, and how others see you. The complete list of categories touches upon the following categories: “Entertainment”, “Style & Beauty”, “Career”, “Relationships”, “Mind & Body”, “Teens”, “Lifestyle” and “Family”.

A test that caught my attention was “Which Britney Spears Are You? The successful million dollar maker or the bipolar disaster that she has turned into?” Well, at web.tickle.com you will find it out! Each test offers thought-provoking questions, personalized analyses, and follow-up emails that encourage goal fulfillment and relationship improvement in every area of life. And yes, all that is available for free.

UPDATE: Tickle went offline in early 2010.