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Web-Mee.comA community site that is aimed at web developers and designers, Web Mee is where they can share the most inspirational sites that they have found among themselves. Of course, they can also share these sites that are extremely dire and worthy of nothing but a good couple of laughs. The idea is to let them decide together on which is worth replicating and which should never be done when designing or coding anything. Hence, sites of both nature can be readily shared on Web Mee.

As you can imagine, a site like Web Mee lends itself perfectly to people who are keen on sharing stuff such as lists with the best 404 pages ever, the best sites where specific downloadables (such as ebooks and PDFs) are found and so on. That is precisely the kind of content that is featured more prominently on the site. And both interviews and tutorials are likewise part of the Web Mee database.

The Web Mee community can be joined and used by just anybody. There are no fees to be paid for becoming part of it, and no fees to be paid for using it either.

Web-Mee.com In Their Own Words

Web-Mee! is a place for professional or wannabe designers and developers – or simply for those who love designing and developing on the web – to discover and share design and development related content from anywhere on the web.

Why Web-Mee.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a greatly practical way to find inspiration and ideas when you need them more badly.

Some Questions About Web-Mee.com

Which kind of content is more actively shared by users of the site? What is in more demand? Web-Mee.com