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Weathermob.mePeople have always been known to talk about the weather as a way to break the ice, and strike up a conversation with strangers when they find themselves in a completely new place. That’s what happens in real life, at least. Online, things have always been different. Doing the same thing on a site such as Facebook or Twitter in order to start talking with a person who’s an utter stranger would definitely be out of the question. Or would it? This new mobile application seems to be saying that talking about the weather online is the coolest thing ever. It’s available for iOS (Download link), and it lets you say just whatever you want about the weather you’re currently facing. Pretty much anything can be spoken using this app, and you can use photos and videos in order to get the message across even better.

So, checking Weathermob before going out would mean you’ll get to know about weather conditions on any place you’re going to be headed to, straight from the people who are actually there.

And the site’s got a really well-developed social side to it, as you can follow family members and friends who are traveling abroad, and see what kind of weather they’re getting without even speaking to them. In Their Own Words

Weathermob makes it easy to say something about the weather you?re in, through video, photo, comments or making a quick report by touching a couple of buttons ? this is your chance to be a weatherwoman or weatherman.

Some Questions About

Is Weathermob coming to other mobiles? Which seems likelier to be supported first?