WeAreHunted.com – The Online Music Chart

WeAreHunted.comThis is a really interesting service. Basically, it aggregates social sites, music blogs and forums along with services like Twitter in order to come up with a daily chart highlighting the most popular songs on the WWW.

This chart is always made up of 99 songs, and these are presented visually. Obviously, the ones occupying the top spots are displayed on the homepage. You can listen to any of these by clicking on the respective frame, whereas a link to the iTunes store is provided for additional convenience.

The most obvious advantage of this site is that it not only lets internauts discover new music, but it also lets them join every music-related conversation shaping the social web.

If you read KillerStartups frequently, you are aware how fond I am of music. This new service kept me thrilled while I tested it out, and I am certain to come back for more. It is a simple concept that will resonate with serious and casual listeners alike. Very nice.

WeAreHunted.com In Their Own Words

“We Are Hunted is an online music chart. It listens to what is happening in online music across blogs, social networks, forums, Twitter and P2P networks to chart the top songs online. In the physical world, charts are built on shipped albums. Online, traditionally, they have been a count of digital downloads. We Are Hunted is different in that it tracks sentiment, expression and advocacy.”

Why WeAreHunted.com It Might Be A Killer

It is an excellent way of knowing which songs are the talk of the online community, listening to them and joining in the conversation.

Some Questions About WeAreHunted.com

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