WealthyMen.com – Girls, Get Your Gold-Dig On

WealthyMen.comAre you a gold digger? Do you want to be gold-dug? WealthyMen is a new online dating service for women interested in hunting down a sugar daddy, and for sugar daddies who want to find someone to wife up. If you make less than 100 grand a year, forget about signing up; WealthyMen only verifies that the male subscribers that rake in over that amount annually.

If you’re a woman, you can sign up regardless of your income bracket. Apart from the financial stipulations, the site functions like any other online dating site; you create a personal profile and describer your personal and professional interests. You can search for people by US city, country, or by verification level (there are several levels of verification, including photo verification, financial verification, and professional verification). Communication between members is done through email and on-site messaging.

WealthyMen.com In Their Own Words

“Welcome.WealthyMen is the one and only online personals site dedicated to those men & women seeking a higher caliber online dating experience. 5 Great Reasons to Join WealthyMen
– Women now can join a personals site with successful men who make over $100k a year.
– Men receive many more emails from women than from any other dating site.
– Men are verified using our patented WM Verification System.
– Our sophisticated user interface makes checking messages & browsing new members a snap.
– Connect with thousands of new members every month.”

Why WealthyMen.com It Might Be A Killer

If you’re strictly looking for a rich man, WealthyMen could help you weed out the chaffe. It’s easy to see who’s the real deal and who’s just faking it; the WealthyMen verification system claims it can differentiate between phonies and actual rich men.

Some Questions About WealthyMen.com

Although WealthyMen sings the praises of its “patented verification system”, nowhere on the site does it actually tell us how this is done; how does the site verify financial information, exactly? Also, the “Terms and Conditions” sections discusses membership fees. Sign up is free, so must users pay to be verified? It’s unclear how and when this “membership fee” is imposed. Also, a personal note- I must say, this use of social networks somewhat disgusts me; the women that use this site have to admit to being superficial enough to be interested only in men with money, and in turn the men seem to not care about being sought after for their wallets alone. WealthyMen.com