Way: Find Out What’s Around You

After grinding it out all week long, the sacred weekend is finally here; and now, it’s time for a night on the town.


Now comes the tricky part: what to do?  Chances are, the town you’re venturing out into offers a ton of options – from dinner, to live music, to drinks, to movies.  And when you’re trying to find that perfect formula for your evening, things can get tricky; especially considering you have to sift through many websites and apps to get the info you want.


So after an hour of searching, you finally land on that ideal evening schedule, do some quick math estimates, and boom: you realize you’re in way over your head financially.  Nights out can get expensive – and trying to keep things reasonable makes planning gets even tougher.


The time has come to get people away from planning, and back to the fun with Way: the leading all-in-one service marketplace.

The mission of the iOS and Android-powered Way app is to help everyday people find the best their city has to offer through convenience and fair prices.  This starts with an easy-to-navigate user interface that makes getting event tickets, making restaurant & parking reservations, and planning many other parts of your night infinitely easier.


But that’s not all – Way also offers users exclusive deals on activities like these, and more.  In just a matter of seconds, consumers can browse through offerings posted by local merchants – who can post these deals and a description of their services very quickly in their own right.


The app’s main dashboard is broken down into key categories like “Parking”, “Movies”, and “Events”, with a search option by address, city, and/or venue.  Other features and benefits the platform offers include:


  • The ability to book an entire night out from one application/website
  • An additional marketing opportunity for merchants, service providers, and venues
  • Discounts available for students
  • Allows businesses to communicate with buyers through a messaging system

Way was founded in 2014 by Binumon T. Girija, and has since amassed millions of happy users while raising millions of dollars in VC funding.  Going forward, the company hopes to continue fortifying its presence in major markets around the US – eventually expanding globally and adding even more functionality to the platform.


Search for Way in the App Store or Play Store to see what all the hype is about; or, you can learn more about it by visiting www.way.com.  The Founder can also be reached directly at [email protected].


Photos: Way.com