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Waves.tvIs your web cam getting dusty, sitting in cobwebs underneath your bed? With you now have a brand new reason to dig it out.


Think of Waves as live TV, made by you and by others just like you. Waves is, at this moment, in alpha; as such users can take photobooth style photos and share them courtesy of cool widgets. Rating is encouraged. The next step, supposedly is live video games shows. Viewers can watch games taking place in real-time and they can vote too. The idea is to bring reality TV to the internet. Sure there’s YouTube and the rest, but none are live. Of course, the site isn’t fully functional yet, so we’ll just have to wait see what’s behind the curtain. In Their Own Words

“ is an interactive TV network where users can watch and partipate in live web-cam ased game shows. is ‘Your Show Now!’ Instantly start performing in one of our shows, show off your talent, and compete for higher scores. Not into performing? Vote to decide who stays on the stage and who gets booted off!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Reality TV is an annoyingly huge phenomenon, as are those true-life YouTube videos. People like it mundane and ‘real’. This whole ethic of keeping it authentic and real guarantees that will have an audience. People love to be entertained.

Some Questions About

When exactly is Waves set to launch? How easy will it be to use for the average internet surfer? Will it feature community aspects?

Author : Siri Marshall

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