Wavemypic.com – Make Your Pictures Wavy

Wavemypic.comIf you are looking for a way to add cool effects to your photos then Wavemypic provides you with one such option. Just go to wavemypic.

com, click on the “browse” button and search your computer for photos that you’d like to modify. Once uploaded, Wavemypic adds a lake effect to your photos and saves them for you as .GIF files. The photo will appear as always however, the bottom portion of the photo will appear as a wavy mirror image of the top part making it look as though the original photo was taken while you were standing flush with the lake. The best way to see how Wavemypic alters your photos is by going to the site and giving it a try for yourself.

Wavemypic.com In Their Own Words

“Apply Lake Effect to your Picture. Upload your Picture to create lake wave effect. Outputs GIF animated image with wave effect.”

Why Wavemypic.com It Might Be A Killer

The altered photos look cool and people looking to have a bit of fun will like the ease by which they can customize their photos with the wave effect.

Some Questions About Wavemypic.com

Have they considered adding more options to the wave effect? Perhaps colors or bubbles would given an even more “lake-like’ appearance. Wavemypic.com