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Wauwee.comWauwee is a creation of 24access Solutions BV, a developer of two way computer to hand held solutions. Their newest solution, currently in beta, facilitates the sending and receiving of photos to your favorite social networks, blogs or friend’s desktops from your phone or your PC and also acts as an IM for chatting on the go.


The signup procedure is pretty standard, just enter your name, email and a password and download the software, and then set up your profile which you can complete by uploading an avatar. Then take advantage of the many features of Wauwee, like being able to send your chats and photos anywhere on the web. In Their Own Words

“What can I do with Wauw! Wee? Send photos to social networks, blogs or friends desktops from your phone or PC. Chat with friends from your phone or PC.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Allowing people to extend their online lives to their mobile phones is definitely the next big thing and Wauwee makes it simple for people to do so.

Some Questions About

The service requires a phone with full internet access and streaming capabilities, so it will not be usable by the vast majority. Also, will those that do have the right hardware want to download yet another program and switch the way they currently communicate? Finally, Wauwee appears to be a well-built solution but they are entering a crowded space. Will they be able to compete with other established players in this rapidly evolving space?

Author : Caroline Bright

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