Wauw.fm – A 24-Hour Party on Your Mobile

Wauw.fmGot an iPhone, Blackberry, Treo, or any one of those hot new smart phones? If so, then you know how much fun they can be. Smart phones are like little toteable entertainment centers that let you listen to music, watch movies, browse the internet, and take pictures.

But, getting your phone souped up with the latest YouTube hits, the last season of Curb, or the hottest new music, isn’t always so easy. It requires a little time and effort. Now, with Wauw, you can seamlessly sync up the media from your PC to your mobile. Wauw is a downloadable app that lets you access all your pics, movies, and music from your PC. You can even chat with your friends. Think of it as your own personal broadcast center. Or, try it first and check out Wauw’s entertainment offerings simply by going to their website on your mobile’s internet browser. All this is completely free (just make sure you’ve got a killer mobile data plan ).

Wauw.fm In Their Own Words

“Wauw! Studio is your personal broadcast centre, an add-on for your PC. The Wauw! software installation is straight-forward. Before downloading it will ask you to make sure that your phone is media ready and that the media streaming settings are enabled.”

Why Wauw.fm It Might Be A Killer

Wauw is a great way to enjoy your media or those on your mobile. It provides an easy way to access the media that’s on your pc on your mobile so you’ll never get bored.

Some Questions About Wauw.fm

Is the Wauw Studio worth it? Will users find the need to use Wauw when they already have means of uploading media to their mobile? Wauw.fm