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Wattpad.comPicture this scenario: you are out walking the streets, and you happen to see something incredible, a once in a lifetime event, and you are the only one to see it. If you are one of those people who can´t wait to get home to call up your friends to give them a “you are never going to believe what happened today.

” you don”t have to wait anymore. Send stories you want to share all from your mobile device with Wattpad. Share stories with your friends through SMS or share it will the collective Wattpad community. Seach and read others´ stories, and if you can´t find the exact story you want, just request Wattpad to get off of their tuchasses and get it for you.

Wattpad.com In Their Own Words

“Wattpad is all about reading and sharing stories on your mobile phone. The stories on Wattpad are uploaded by community members like you. You can upload whatever you want to share – a story, an essay or a joke, and then read it on your phone or send it to your friends via SMS. If you can”t find what you want, you can even request it from the Wattpad community.”