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WASALive.comTo see news and latest posts about a variety of topics, check out news site WASALive. The site uses an ajax search engine to find article from over 129,000 news providers and countless blogs in a split second.

Just click on a tag or type in your own and the site will come up with links related to that topic. The link has a heading that briefly summarizes what the article is about, the time and date it was created, and the source. This is a great search engine to stay up to date with the latest buzz about anything from entertainment, world news, products, web 2.0, and whatever else you can think of. The site appears to be coming out of France, and they still have not provided much English information about who the company is. In Their Own Words

“WASALive vous accueille avec les tags des mots-clés les plus cités en ce moment sur le web. Grâce à cette approche novatrice résolument Web2.0 , vous découvrez en un clin d´oeil les sujets les plus chauds et il vous suffit d´un clic pour découvrir les derniÔres brÔves et les dernieres discussions qui agitent la toile.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is an excellent search engine and it is even easier to use than Google if you are looking for news or blog items.

Some Questions About

How about a rating system that would provide users with a way of selecting from the list of articles that come up in search results?

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