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WantsForSale.comNew York artist Justin Gignac and his girlfriend Christine’s recently launched web site Wants For Sale, offers a new twist on getting what you want. They paint it.


Whatever they want—iPhone, one month’s rent, a slice of pizza, a million dollars—they paint, post on their site with the actual price (slice of pizza? $3), and give you the opportunity to buy the painting. So far, the couple have gotten that slice of pizza, a guitar, buffalo wings, $360 to save kids in Africa, and a new hair do, among other things. Their paintings are simple, colorful, ready-to-hang, comic book-like creations. For a price, they’ll paint want you want too. They also have a charity site called Needs For Sale. In Their Own Words

“Buffalo wings. An iPhone. A million dollars. Sleeep. Those are some of the things we want, and some of the paintings on this site.

Each painting shows one thing we want, and sells for the price of the real item. So you can buy ‘A Slice of Pepperoni’ for $3.00 or ‘Dinner at Nobu for $152,00. When the painting sells, we use the money to go out and buy that thing.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Wants For Sale is a novel and innovative idea that could very well spawn hundreds of similar sites. It’s also a clever marketing tool and PR tool for the artists.

Some Questions About

How long can Wants For Sale last? Wants For Sale seems like a one-off idea, a novelty item that doesn’t have a long shelf life.

Author : Bruce Turner

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