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Want.itA free app that is already being described as a like button for the real world, Want will let you keep track of all these things that you feel like having. This can be a car, a music CD, a book… just any kind of item can be stored and recalled using this application. And there is more to Want than that, as it is actually possible to save things like haircuts and even a nap. In short: anything that you could ever fancy can be stored using this application, and then recalled at a later date.


And since we are in the age of social networking, all that you save can be shared with your friends. They will be able to see these things that you want, and you will be able to access their very own lists of wanted items. In this way, if all your friends are going to buy dresses from the same designer for any event you are to attend then you will get to know about it, and ensure you will not lag behind when the big day comes. That is just an example. If you love music, you will be able to discover lots of bands through a service like this one. And the same applies if you love movies. In Their Own Words

Share your desire.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The app makes it really easy to share these things you can hardly wait to get, and see the ones everybody else is rooting for.

Some Questions About

Will the app always remain free to get and use? How will the company make money?

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