WanderMapper.com – Create A Better Foursquare Map

WanderMapper.comWander Mapper is a new service that lets you take your Foursquare neighborhood and create an illustrated version of it. This service is available for free. All you have to do is to give Wander Mapper your Foursquare ID for a map where everything’s clearer (and also where everything looks much better) to be generated at once. And in addition to illustrating your neighborhood for you, Wander Mapper will also given you a rating based on how active you really are on Foursquare.

You can be rated in any of four different levels. Level 0 is for those who haven’t really used Foursquare that much ever since they’ve created their accounts. Level 1 is for people who are using the service, but in a moderate way. Level 2 is for those who keep checking in and out of places. And Level 3 is for those who know where they live so well that they could work as guides, and show their neighborhoods around to others.

So, what will it be for you? Level 1? Level 2? Level 3, maybe? Find it out now by connecting your Fousquare account to Wander Mapper, and get to know how do you rank in your city, in a way that’s more visual than any other you might have ever known before.

WanderMapper.com In Their Own Words

Wander Mapper lets you create an illustrated version of your Foursquare neighborhood

Some Questions About WanderMapper.com

Are just four levels enough to cover all the different types of Foursquare users out there? WanderMapper.com