Wamboo.com – Social Networking For Social Benefit

Wamboo.comWould you like to help others in need? In that case, Wamboo.com seems to be a good website for you to stop by. This website is an online community that helps you get money and resources for people in need and charities across the world. Using Wamboo you can gain medals online and connect with non-profits organizations.

To start using this online charity platform you just need to register as a member, then you start gathering medals or trophies and start giving to a charity, individuals or families in need of help. Notice that on Wamboo.com you can start fundraising for charities from the very first moment.

Therefore, if you want to raise money for people and families in need you can become a member of Wamboo.com and start fundraising for children and families across the world. This website lets you gain medals and trophies and start giving to a charity.

Wamboo.com In Their Own Words

“Welcome! Wamboo is the fun, free, convenient and trusted way to reach out to people who really need your kindness. We connect the power of you and your friends to the needs of individuals and families. First, set up a Member page then join teams, create teams, or stay on your own. Next, use the search engine to find Rallies you feel strongly about and earn hardware for your Wamboo Trophy Case by helping out. Rallies are individuals or families that need help in your neighborhood or across the country. To be eligible, a Rally must be sponsored by a Champion (a 501(c)(3) non-profit in good standing, police or fire department) who has completed the Wamboo Rally Affidavit.”

Why Wamboo.com It Might Be A Killer

Because it is an interesting new way to use the social media in order to improve society.

Some Questions About Wamboo.com

Are there sites providing related services or is this one setting something of a first? How is the site going to change in the future? Wamboo.com