WallStreetChic.com – Greed Is Chic?

WallStreetChic.comWall Street and the world of work is rough. Ask Gordon Gekko.

It’s even rougher for women. Business, it seems, is largely a man’s world. There are increasingly, however, spaces for career builders, business moguls, entrepreneurs and owners of the female persuasion. One of those is Wall Street CHIC, a recently launched social media network dedicated to business women the world over. Essentially, it’s a place for business women, both working a job and running a business, to get ahead. Think Facebook or LinkedIn + Oprah for business women. Whether you’re a CEO of a startup, a career woman hiking up the corporate ladder, or a recent graduate, Wall Street CHIC is for you. Wall Street CHIC offers the usual social networking features: a profile for friends, contacts, photos, video, audio, blogging, and promoting yourself or your business. It also offers a number of career and business oriented media features such as a talk radio show, as well as Wall Street CHIC TV with a show currently airing entitled “This Is My Biz!”. There are plenty of resources, articles, media, and a forum to get any business woman prepared for the highs and lows of a career or entrepreneurial venture. So far, Wall Street CHIC’s membership has doubled on word-of-mouth alone. It’s definitely the place for an ambitious woman to be if she wants to get ahead.

WallStreetChic.com In Their Own Words

“With helpful content, conversations, and connections–and more features on the way–Wall Street CHIC is the place for women to get ahead. Our inspiration? Celebrating your accomplishments and empowering you to achieve success on your own terms!”

Why WallStreetChic.com It Might Be A Killer

Wall Street CHIC is a great place for working women with careers and those who are in business–or those who have already been successful in business and want to mentor others. It’s also a great place to make connections and learn a thing or two about the business world in an energetic online environment.

Some Questions About WallStreetChic.com

Is Wallstreet CHIC’s Oprah-esque inspiration splattered pages too much? Too gimmicky? Will women be motivated to use the site on a regular basis or will they simply sign up out of curiosity? WallStreetChic.com