WallOfHistory.com – Become A Part Of History

WallOfHistory.comThis site can be termed something similar to an online time capsule. In principle, it will let you set down your life history for everybody to learn about you at a later date.

The one difference is that you are not really burying it for others to dig it up later on, but rather writing it in a wall where it will always remain visible. People who arrive at the site can then proceed to look anybody up using the provided search functionality – any person who has created an account is findable right away, and others can then read all about him or her.

Of course, anything that you post to the site can be revised at a later date and amended or completely deleted.

The site is currently available in English, but the idea is to give the Wall Of History as much of an international flavor as possible and eventually add support for other languages.

Ultimately, the site is based on a premise that is entirely true: everybody learns from other people’s experiences and mistakes. Having a place where these can be readily shared is nothing short of beneficial for everybody.

WallOfHistory.com In Their Own Words

“As time passes history is being written by billions. There are about 7 billion people in this world and each of them has their own history that unlocks many solutions to questions in the future. History allows people of the past to be never forgotten and allow them to live forever with in planet Earth. If you are interested in sharing your history you have come to the right place.”

Why WallOfHistory.com It Might Be A Killer

By telling the story of his own life in these terms he feels are more faithful and representative of who he is, anybody can ensure others will remember him in the best way of all.

Some Questions About WallOfHistory.com

How popular can this site truly become? What will make people stick to it? WallOfHistory.com