Oops… Another Appointment Missed. Walk-In Makes Scheduling Easier On Everybody


If you had a nickel for every minute you’ve spent on hold when trying to book appointments… Tropical resorts should really work on making such payouts happen. They’d be full until the end of time, pouring mai tais down the throats of guests who’ve fused to their lounge chairs while slurping down their newfound riches.


Happily, there’s a way to bypass appointment hassles and to score real rewards for spur of the moment bookings. It’s called Walk-in.


Walk-in is a free mobile app for finding immediate openings for personal services. Guests can stroll right through the door to get their hair done, have a massage, treat themselves to a spa, visit a doctor – basically visit any merchant who’s partnered with the app to fill up free slots.


People are crazy busy and expect to be able to do and to find everything in the moment, thanks in part to our smartphones. As a result, we’ve become scheduling disasters. We have no patience to make them. Despite notifications, we forget about them or end up canceling last minute. These trends are a headache for customers and businesses alike.


Walk-in puts an end to all the nonsense. Rather than stay tied up on the phone when they should be attending to customers in store, or scribbling hate mail for no-shows that hurt business, business owners can fill up free spots without ever answering the phone. Huge sighs of relief, right?



People enjoy the flexibility of finding openings as they need them and have time available. And here’s where Walk-in starts to quickly distance itself from other booking solutions – it adds amazing convenience and value.


Not only does Walk-in allow clients to instantly book nearby personal services, it shows them the distance from their current position to the business, the upcoming appointment times available, traffic status, ETA and more. It gives them all the info they need to decide if now truly is the right time to head to, say, the nail salon.


There’s more. Walk-in clients can pay for their appointments at the register when they’ve finished, using their phone. This means no racing to the ATM beforehand. Better yet, clients earn up to 10% back in rewards – not your typical crummy rewards loaded with stipulations or chained to a particular business, but money ready to spend with the likes of Starbucks, TGI Fridays, Groupon, Spa Week, Papa John’s, BJ’s Restaurants, Barnes & Noble, Alamo Draft House and GameStop, with more merchants on the way.



A lot of loyalty programs are pretty lackluster on the redeeming end. The attractive perks that Walk-in provides ensures that clients will actually go to their appointments. Oh yes they will – they even earn bonus points for showing up on time.


More customers for local businesses, as well as an end to the broken-appointment woes. Scheduling made as simply as pressing “confirm” on your smartphone… This is a smart system for people who increasingly live by their smartphone. Find out more at, or download the app from either Google Play or the App Store.


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