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Waiting4aTable.comWaiting 4 Table is a service aimed at restaurateurs that want to provide customers with a better alternative to these pagers that keep them circumscribed to a small radius while they wait for a table to become available. These pagers are often troublesome for the reason that if the customer walks out of the supported range then he will not know the table is ready, and he will still keep on waiting for his turn to come when it had already come.


That only causes misunderstandings that might as well cost you the customer. And that is not even mentioning the common occurrence of pagers being stolen by teenagers listening to the Ramones’ “Howlin’ At The Moon” on their MP3s.

Waiting 4 Table presents itself as an alternative which relies on text messages in order to handle the notifications. You can manage your list of waiting customers online, and avoid missing names or marking someone out accidentally. Customers can go as far as they want while their tables are ready, and you will be able to notify them when the time for coming back to your venue arrives. In Their Own Words

“Waiting4aTable is for restaurants who are tired of keeping customers chained to a small radius holding on to those antiquated pagers. Why not let your customers roam freely while waiting on a table? Don’t worry about your pagers walking off with those pesky teenagers anymore! Waiting4aTable keeps your waiting list for you, and it uses text messages to notify your customers when their table is ready! This is fantastically amazing stuff! Your hosts can manage the wait list with a click of a mouse, no more pages to get lost, accidental mark-outs, missed names on the list, etc. Use Waiting4aTable and all of your problems are solved.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A system like this one is exactly what restaurateurs need – it will let them notify their customers that their tables are ready wherever they are, and forget about disappearing pagers and the like.

Some Questions About

In which other contexts could a service like this one be employed?

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