Wahanda.com – Find Spas in the UK

Wahanda.comEveryone knows and loves Skype. It’s the little VOIP telephony site that could.

So when four of Skype’s founding engineers put their money behind a site, they mean business. This time around their Estonian venture capitalist fund has backed the new wellness site called Wahanda. The name is from a Native American word meaning “great spirit and creator”. It’s a lux site catering to those who enjoy spas, gurus, and a good sweat. Wahanda is dedicated to your well-being, beauty (outer and inner) and more to the point, offers a comprehensive directory of spas and salons in the UK (it’s London-based). They offer a comprehensive search by location, services etc, including reviews and ratings. You can join to submit your own review or simply browse those of others. Or, get listed. There are plenty of pictures and info for each locale making it easy to use and easy on the eyes.

Wahanda.com In Their Own Words

"Wahanda is a health, beauty and wellness ecosystem. In our ecosystem, youâ??ll find comprehensive listings of spas, salons and health centers all around the globe. Youâ??ll also find a big pond of knowledge – everything you need to know about treatments, classes and therapies."

Why Wahanda.com It Might Be A Killer

Wahanda is good at what it does. It’s comprehensive, offers room for participation and feedback and gives users and clean UI that’s straightforward and simple to navigate. Spa fans in the UK would do well to look at this.

Some Questions About Wahanda.com

Will Wahanda expand to include locations worldwide? The site is not very innovative, what other features will they include to make it a better more enriching experience? Wahanda.com